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Invertig 201 AC/DC

Now, todayís most revolutionary TIG welder can be yours! Itís the Invertig 201 from HTP and itís one unbelievable piece of equipment. By incorporating advanced inverter technology in the design of this state-of-the-art machine, we are able to get a whopping 200 amps of raw welding power, yet pull only 30 amps out of the wall! Thatís right, a mere 30 amps. The Invertig 201 is so energy efficient, the state of California should be paying our customers to use it. Compared to competitive transformer machines, the Invertig 201 produces 10% more welding current while using 60% less electricity.

Thatís right . . . our Invertig 201 is able to produce a full 10% more power while using a whopping 60% less electricity! Whatís more, the Invertig 201 comes standard with features the competition doesnít even offer! For example, most conventional AC/DC TIG welders, when in the AC mode, have a fixed frequency of 60Hz (just like your standard house current). With the Invertig 201, you can vary the AC frequency from 20 Hz to 200 Hz while maintaining a square wave throughout the complete range. Balance is also fully adjustable from 10% to 90%, a much wider range than possible with conventional transformer machines.

The Invertig 201 probably has the best low end in the business ó all the way down to 4 amps. Inverter technology produces a smooth, stable arc, making intricate work on mild steel, chrome moly, stainless steel and inconel a breeze. Plus, with variable frequency in AC, the machine produces unparalleled results when welding thin aluminum. Pulsing is standard, with a pulsing frequency from 0.4 to 300 Hz in the DC mode .4 to 2 Hz in the AC mode.

Conventional arc welding is a breeze with the Invertig 201. Using the lift arc mode in conjunction with the foot pedal, makes it much easier to strike your arc without sticking the electrode, while at the same time allowing you to vary the welding amperage. Perfect when doing pipe welding!

Select the lift arc mode for welding aluminum or any other material with out High Frequency. This is important if your application takes you near sensitive electronic equipment, such as on site repairs in a hospital or repairing aluminum vehicles with on-board computers.

This package of power weighs just 68 lbs and fits into a cabinet measuring 20” long by 9 ½” wide by 21” high. Because it only draws 30 amps on 220 volts, you can take it right to the work. The machine comes standard with a 12 ½’ long 17 Series air-cooled TIG torch, a foot pedal with 12 ½’ cable and a flowmeter. Optional accessories include a 25’ long 17 Series air-cooled TIG torch with a foot pedal with 25’ cable, a 25’ or 12 ½’ long 20 Series water-cooled torch, water cooler, hand amp control with either slider or rotary control and cart.

The advanced technology found in the Invertig 201 will allow you to produce professional quality welds in all types of metal ó quickly, easily and affordably. Conventional transformer TIG welders use a pure tungsten electrode which forms a ball when welding AC. With an inverter, setting the balance to 90% and the frequency to 200 Hz allows you to use a 2% tungsten sharpened to a point. This:

  • Allows the arc to jump from a point instead of a ball which provides unparalleled arc stability and reduces ďarc wanderingĒ.
  • Produces a more focused arc, resulting in a narrower bead and making it much easier to weld inside corners.
  • Minimizes the heat affected zone as the heat is more concentrated, making it easier for both the novice and professional to weld thin materials.
Input Voltage 230 volts +/- 20%
Input Amperage 30 amps
Output Amperage 4 to 200 amps
Duty Cycle 35% @ 200 amps
60% @ 160 amps
100% @ 125 amps
No Load Voltage 65 Volts
Arc Voltage 10 to 18 volts
Torch Length and Type 17 Series 25' Long
Foot Pedal Length 25'
Slope Down 0.1 to 10 sec
Pre-Gas Flow 0.5 Sec
Post Gas Flow 2 to 20 sec
Final Current 0 to 99 amps
DC Pulsing Frequency 0.4 to 300 Hz
AC Pulsing Frequency 0.4 to 2 Hz
Pulsing Duty Cycle 50%
Pulsing Base Current 25%
AC Frequency 20 to 200 Hz
Balance Control 10 to 90%
Weight 68 lbs.
Size 20" L x 9 1/2" W x 21" H

Invertig 201 Welding Packages
70201 Invertig 201 Welding Package - Includes Invertig 201 inverter power source,
  25' CK-17 air cooled Tig torch with Super Flex cable, foot pedal, flowmeter,
  gas hose and ground cable
70201-HC Invertig 201 Welding Package - Same 70201 but includes torch mounted
  amperage control instead of foot pedal.
70201-WC Invertig 201 Water Cooled Welding Package - Includes Invertig 201 inverter
  power source, 25' CK-20 water cooled Tig torch with Super Flex cables,
  water cooler, foot pedal, flowmeter, gas hose, and ground cable
70201-WC/HC Invertig 201 Water Cooled Welding Package - Same as 70201-WC but
  includes torch mounted amperage control instead of foot pedal

Invertig 201 Accessory List
Part # Description
70200-CART Cart For Invertig 201
70200-FP Foot Pedal
HAND CONTROL Torch Mounted Amperage Control
60069 Water Cooler
SR17-25 25' 17 Series Air Cooled Torch
SR20-25 25' 17 Series Water Cooled Torch
22311 Ground Cable
22315-ARC 15' Cable and Electrode Holder


Invertig 201 with Water Cooler

Invertig 201 AC/DC

(shown with optional water cooler, cart and gas cylinder.)

Invertig 201

Invertig 201

Slider Torch

Torch mounted amperage control

Video clip of the Invertig 201 running a bead in aluminum at 200 Hz

Call us at 800-USA-WELD (800-872-9353) for more information or to place an order.

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