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HTP Drive System

HTP Drive System
This is a photo of the wire drive system from the HTP Mig 120, our least expensive welder. We use the same system all the way up to our 240. Notice the cast aluminum wire feed bracket, not plastic like many of our competitors. Also notice that the drive roller has a gear attached to it, which engages a gear in the pressure roller, so both rollers actually feed the wire. You won't find this on a Miller or a Lincoln welder until you get into their 250 amp machines. If it is good enough for those welders, why don't they use it on their smaller machines? Good question.

Miller Drive

This is a photo of the wire drive system out of a Miller 185. Miller does use a cast aluminum feeder, but you will notice the absence of the dual gear drive, so only the bottom roller is actually driven. The upper roller, the pressure roller is an idler. This is the same system which is used on the Challenger 172 and the Miller 130.

Miller Drive System

Hobart Handler Drive


This is the wire drive system used in the Hobart Handler 135 and Handler 175. Notice the black plastic drive bracket, and once again the absence of the dual gear drive, using the pressure roller as an idler

Lincoln Drive

This is the wire drive system used in all the small Lincoln welders, from the gasless Weld Pak units, the Mig Pak 10 and 15, and the SP100T, SP125 Plus, SP170T and SP175 Plus sold by welding distributors. Once again, a plastic feeder, with very small rollers, and no dual gear drive.

Lincoln Drive System

At HTP, we wonder why you would pay more for the name, but get less welder. We suggest before you buy a welder, you take a good close look at the wire feeder and the welding gun. Make sure you are getting the best value for your welding dollar!


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