HTP™ MIG Gun Parts
compatible with
Tweco® No. 2 Welding Gun Parts

Illus# Description Oem Part # HTP Part Number
A Gas Nozzle 22-50 HT22-50
  Spot Weld Nozzle 22-62FAS HT22-62FAS
B .023" Contact Tip 14-23 HT14-23B (Pkg 5)
  .030" Contact Tip 14-30 HT14-30B (Pkg 5)
  .035" Contact Tip 14-35 HT14-35B (Pkg 5)
.045" Contact Tip 14-45 HT14-45B (Pkg 5)
Insulator 32 HT32
D Gas Diffuser 52 HT52

Tweco® is a registered trademark of Tweco Products Inc. HTP is not affiliated with Tweco Products Inc. HTP supplies high quality replacement parts manufactured by or for HTP to demanding specifications. The parts are designed to be interchangeable and compatible with the aforementioned company, are not OEM parts and are not endorsed by the aforementioned company

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